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What you need to know before buying a pup or dog

Information for Potential Puppy and Dog Owners

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Do Your Homework To Save Time and Money! does not endorse any of the kennels, litters, stud dogs or started dogs listed on this site. They are here for your information and it is your responsibility to inspect the puppy/dog, parents, pedigrees and all documentation before making your purchase.

Information for the Potential Puppy and Dog Owner

We strongly suggest you:
  • View the original AKC / UKC / CKC / NAVHDA /etc registrations, OFA/PennHip and CERF certificates.
  • Get any health or ability guarantee in writing.
  • If in doubt to a kennel's credibility, you may also want to contact the kennel's affilations (AKC, CKC, NAVHDA, etc) to make sure that kennel is in good standing and has not been suspended.
  • Ask to meet the parents onsite. When a stud dog has been used, this may not always be possible but you should meet the dam. Beware of any kennel refusing you access to their site until the day of the purchase.
  • Contact any references given to you.
  • Get a signed receipt sent to you after placing a deposit.
  • Have your puppy/dog examined by your veterinarian the day your receive him.

Information For Clients Seeking A Stud Or Dam

We strongly suggest you:
  • View the original AKC / UKC / CKC / NAVHDA /etc registrations, OFA/PennHip and CERF certificates.
  • Make sure both the stud and dam has recently been tested for Brucellosis, is up-to-date on vaccinations, and has passed a physical by a licenced veterinarian. Dams should have a vaginal swab.
  • Get all terms of the breeding in writing with a signature. Be as clear as possible - would you pay the entire stud fee if just one puppy was born? What if the dam fails to conceive, what do you pay then?
  • Verify all health clearances.
  • Ask for, and verify references.
  • Research the progress of the stud and dam's siblings and prior litters using OFA and other online pedigree services.
It is your esponsibility to be sure your puppy, dog, stud and dam is healthy and of good quality. Don't be afriad to ask for this information, it is your right! For more information on spotting a quality kennel, check out our page on Quality Kennels, Litters, and Dogs.

You can verify OFA numbers at and CERF certificates at

Kennels suspended or banned by the AKC can be found at

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