Pudelpointer Puppy

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Pudelpointer Puppy

Postby ForTheBirds84 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:37 am

I will be getting a Pudelpointer this spring. I have done a ton of research already and I am really excited about this opportunity. I want to make sure I do my end of the job well in regards to preparing and training the dog. I started my bird dog experience out with a GSP that was an exceptional natural hunter. I was 18 when I got him. My family didn't have a history of hunting but I wanted to get into it. I knew just about zero as far as formal bird dog training goes. When he was a pup all I taught him was basic family dog obedience stuff. But, we formed a good team over the years. He taught me the hunting stuff. I will never forget the first time I took him out and he point our first bird. I had never seen anything like it...the intensity, the focus, I think we were both shaking. Anyways, I ended up moving into my own place as young adults do. My dad kept the dog and they had a wonderful relationship. They retired from hunting when I moved out. I still have hunted a lot, mostly waterfowl, archery deer, and various other stuff. Fast forward to now....
I am in my 30's and want that feeling back.... when you just spend the morning walking behind you own dog mesmerized by the work. But I want to do my part. So if anyone would like to help. I would like to know:
1) Best books for versatile dog training purposes.
2) Youtube channels for versatile dog training purposes.
3) Talk to me about using pigeons
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Re: Pudelpointer Puppy

Postby ANick » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:22 am

A couple of quick tips.
- For more exposure, consider re-posting this up in the Training Forum, as well a bit of searching won't hurt. The question has come up a few times before, so there's *just a bit* of information waiting for you already. :)
- Where are you located? Most likely you are near some Training / Testing groups. Getting hooked up with a local-to-you NAVHDA group can net you some earnest training assistance.

As far as educational sources, a DVD set, Perfection Kennels (Jon Hann) Perfect Star/Perfect Finish, is a good all around reference. For the new puppy, Joan Bailey's, "How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves", has been recommended before. Full disclosure, the Perfection Kennels DVD I've watched a few times and find it is well worth the bucks. Joan Bailey's book has been recommended to me for years, but I just did get a copy to read up on myself. (Literally, it was in today's mail collection.)

I will also recommend reading through the Training Forums posts here... with a caveat. There are a LOT of opinions from some skilled, passionate and helpful folks, and a fair amount of 'noise' generated. Try to sort the chaff out as you read. You'll start to sort what seems to fit YOU. Keep reading though. Ask questions as you need clarification on something you may have read.

FWIW, I'm at two months and counting for a pup this year too. I'm re-reading a bunch of stuff just to knock the dust off. It doesn't seem like the current pup is 3 already, until I try to recall all the 'Oops' moments with her.. but she turned out pretty fine despite her idjit trainer. However, each one is an original.

G'luck with your new 'wookie'.. :)

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Re: Pudelpointer Puppy

Postby Dmog » Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:51 am

Welcome to the forum!

I concur with ANick and I would add Bob Farris's book "Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs".

Pigeons are a great training tool for pups. Lots of ways to use them. I trap feral pigeons and use them in launching traps as is done in "Perfect Start" videos with good success. I like controlling when the bird flushes.
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Re: Pudelpointer Puppy

Postby hunter94 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:41 am

Farris' book and Training with Mo.
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Re: Pudelpointer Puppy

Postby jlw034 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:58 am

hunter94 wrote:Farris' book and Training with Mo.

Two of my most useful books, and I'm a first time gundog owner.
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