Look after your versatile !

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Look after your versatile !

Postby Birddogs » Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:10 am

With the popularity of certain breeds coming about
there have been more reports of missing dogs lately
Mostly from rural areas on FB in particular.
My wife ,first time dog owner accuses me of being
overprotective of the griff.
I have known that a bored dog is trouble , I found out
In the early 70s when my 3 Viszlas ate the kitchen
Cupboards ,
The prey drive of some of these dogs is quite high ,
I came to recognize tracking posture from Birdding
Posture . The times I let it go , moose , fisher , beaver
we're some of the results ...
I am familiar with the Korthals story and don't believe
these dogs were designed with birds in mind .
My point is treating these dogs like farm dogs may not
Be the best idea . Are GSP s becoming the Dalmatians
of the current era. ? There are piles of them in Alberta .
I'm amazed at the number of WPG litters available today as well.
What I'm getting at is that as soon as you think your dog
looks better with a cute hat on , trouble may be afoot .
Fortunately this forum is where sanity lives ...thhnx
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Re: Versatile dog care !

Postby orhunter » Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:45 am

There are all sorts of things working against the hunting breeds today and most is fueled by demand. New breeders appear all the time because the dogs are oh so cute and people will buy them. Hardly the criterion required for producing hunting dogs any of us would want to own. Non-hunter market demand and breeders who supply this market are growing in number all the time, requires that we handle it best by ignoring it because we can’t change it. If we let it bother us, it will drive us nuts. I’m nuts.
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Re: Look after your versatile !

Postby flitecontrol » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:01 am

I don't understand what point(s) you are trying to make.
I've had several really good dogs, but none were perfect. Neither am I, so keep that in mind!
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