UT duck search?

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Re: UT duck search?

Postby Hunters Edge » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:36 pm

Depends on judges the dog is judged on search not sight chase. So when it becomes a sight chase time is not judged and does not count toward the 10 minute search. So if it becomes lengthy sight chase it is not fair to the dog compared to others that will be chased (dog sight chase burns more energy and it can cause cramping, getting exhausted etc.) We all know each test may have differences but each dog is suppose to be judged to a standard. So if the chase is using lengthy time, they will shoot the duck. The dog will resume time on the retrieve to hand and be judged for the retrieve. If the time before the sight chase and the retrieve to hand is within the 10 minutes or over, your dog has no need for a resend. If the time is not 10 minutes or if there is any questions of what they seen. The handler will be asked to resend the dog and the judging will continue to get a full 10 minutes.
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Re: UT duck search?

Postby Catskill Hunter » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:44 pm

Has anyone been penalized for their dog not searching in the direction of the shot? I didn't receive a 4 because I was instructed to fire my blank to the left and my dog started his search straight ahead and then searched to the right according to the senior judge!
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Re: UT duck search?

Postby Deuce » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:01 am

They don't have to go to the sound of the shot. Sounds like the dog didn't expand enough, just happens that the side the shot went and the side the dog missed was the same.

These things are impossible to know without seeing the actual search.
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Re: UT duck search?

Postby Don » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:22 pm

Read the Utility Duck Search description in Aims and Rules on the website. It may answer some questions. Tests are set up to "simulate " hunting situations nothing is guaranteed.
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Re: UT duck search?

Postby Duckdon » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:10 pm

Fun Dog wrote:I have limited tests under my belt, but the ones I saw the dogs were not under judgement once the handler was told he could call his dog in. I watched as they did everything they could to get the dogs to come off the search. In fact the judges left the return of the dog up to others as they debated the scores. This would be a good question to ask VHD magazine.

I am thinking the search portion stops when the judge tells you to call your dog. I would imagine if the dog did not respond and come in it could effect your cooperation score some. I can call me dogs off a duck search but once I start calling I keep it up so they don't get distracted. I have never lost points for continuous calling of the dog after a search and after the judge told me to call them in. I have not had a dog that did not come in when called, except for Klous in his UT1 run last August. He was hot on the duck at the far side of the lake and when I called him he ignored me, taking another 30 seconds or so to grab the duck. Then he came straight in. Good questions, Dori, remember to bring this up at the Handlers Clinic we are hosting here in Alaska in June.
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