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Policies and Moderators

Postby Christie » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:59 pm

We would hope that everyone would follow our rules and engage in respectful behavior on this forum. The following behavior and actions are our polices for certain issues:

  • Flaming and trolling: We remove the flaming/trolling postings. The first infraction gets you a warning, the second a suspension and the third is banning.
  • Posting litter ads, started/finished dog for sale: We remove the ads and send a private message asking that you submit the information for posting on our litter/dog for sale web pages. No warnings issued.
  • Profanity, name calling, sexual comments, vulgar or derogatory statements: Edit out the bad words or remove the entire post if necessary. A private message is sent to the offending poster. No warnings given unless behavior is repetitive or the text was so expletive you made angels cry.
  • Spamming with advertising: Ads removed and ID is banned. This only happens with spambots but hasn't happened since 2006.

This forum does use moderators to enforce the rules and encourage good forum etiquette. The moderators do not to moderate 99% of the content nor do they moderate for spirit. The content they do moderate for is the text outlined in the policies above and for behavior that tries to distract from the content itself such as flaming and trolling. Moderators are people just like you and they want to uphold the rules of the forum while preserving the integrity of the conversation.

All actions by the moderators are recorded so if you feel you have been unfairly moderated, please contact me and I will review the information. No moderator can suspend or ban a member so if you had this action taken against you, you need to discuss it with me.
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