Pheasant Tacos

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Postby JC » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:19 pm

Chaco- I do fahetas(spelling) about the same with pheasants- well- wife does as she doesn't quite take to game like I do

and you are right- they are good- I'll wrap them like you do- then freezer wrap to keep-

pretty easy after a days hunt in a motel room or their breakfast area to reheat in a microwave

I also like to just fry up venison steaks on my coleman- salt and pepper and garlic- cook rare- did it inside last year and set off the smoke alarms in a motel room- yikes

later I had to explain that I'd set the cook stove a bit to close to the door :wink: - you see- that was during that snow storm and it was blowing pretty good
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