Pheasant Tacos

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Pheasant Tacos

Postby Chaco1 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:06 pm

Well last year I took all the thighs off every pheasant we and others shot, many just take the breast. Boned the out and froze them.

I finally decided I had better get going eating them up and made some kick butt tacos out of them. Anything is good wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Thought I would share the recipee if anyone wants to try it. this works with any kind of meat from chicken to deer.

Start with a medium onion, dice about half. saute in a pan over medium heat till translucent.

Add meat diced or in thin strips, whichever you prefer. Brown with the onion till cooked through. optional a pepper like a jalapeno or habanero ( if you are brave).

I add cumin, salt, pepper, season salt, a little oregano, a pinch of basil, fresh garlic or powder.( add any other spices you like ) ALways add garlic last becsue it burns easily and nothing is worse than the taste of burned garlic.

Once this concoction is cooked down a bit releasing all the flavor of the spices add a beer and reduce the heat till it is just simmering. Cook this till all the beer has cooked off and the meat is just starting to have almost no liquid left in it. Serve this meat or freeze or save to make tacos, burritos anything with.

I like to take corn totillas put them in a ziplock for about 30 or 35 seconds in the microwave. this helps heat them up and they won't tear and crack as badly. You can use taco shells or flour tortillas too if you prefer.

I layer the meat, cheese, some taco sauce, sprouts or lettuce ( I prefer sprouts), tomato, fresh cilantro and squeeze a fresh lime on it. Use anything you like really.

This is a fantastic way to eat any game meat especially something that is strong ike duck. Try it it's excellent.
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Postby JC » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:19 pm

Chaco- I do fahetas(spelling) about the same with pheasants- well- wife does as she doesn't quite take to game like I do

and you are right- they are good- I'll wrap them like you do- then freezer wrap to keep-

pretty easy after a days hunt in a motel room or their breakfast area to reheat in a microwave

I also like to just fry up venison steaks on my coleman- salt and pepper and garlic- cook rare- did it inside last year and set off the smoke alarms in a motel room- yikes

later I had to explain that I'd set the cook stove a bit to close to the door :wink: - you see- that was during that snow storm and it was blowing pretty good
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