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RI: Possible future change in outdoor kennelling law

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:37 am
by spinster
New bill would prohibit leaving hunting, sled dogs outside
Posted on February 5, 2015
By Kim Kalunian, WPRO News

Rhode Island state law is leaving certain dogs out in the cold.

While current laws prohibit dog owners from leaving their pets tied up or confined outside for extended periods of time, the law exempts hunting dogs, sled dogs and those that protect livestock.

Dennis Tabella, Director of Defenders of Animals, wants that to change.

“We believe that all dogs need to be protected when you have a situation of freezing weather or extremely hot temperatures,” he told WPRO News.

He plans to work with a state lawmaker to submit a bill that would remove the language exempting sled and hunting dogs.

He’s also working with Rep. Joseph Solomon, Jr. to get a bill passed that would prevent animals being kept outside when the “ambient temperature is beyond the industry standard for the weather safety scale as set forth in the most recent adopted version of the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Weather Safety Scale (TACC).”...

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