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Creek Boat

Postby AverageGuy » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:11 pm

Thought I would share a review of a boat I bought awhile back. I was looking for something really small and light that I could drag to remote water for hunting, training and fishing purposes. I have a bunch of boats including a 12ft Nucanoe Frontier, Four Rivers Layout Boat, 14 ft Jon, 18 ft War Eagle, but nothing light enough to drag a long ways.

So I bought the smallest boat that Creek Boat makes. It is 8 ft long and fits in a 6.5 foot pickup bed with the tail gate down and nothing hanging out. I can get it and a large bird box for ducks into my PU bed when going to do duck search training. The best part is it weighs only 36 lbs and has a 300lb carrying capacity, a completely open cockpit and a drab color. I drug it about 400 yards to a pond where I did some duck search training this morning.

More expensive than you would want to pay for molded plastic but a great boat for specific niches. I will use it to hunt that same pond this fall and it will allow me to put my decoys out farther from the bank than I could last year when I was limited to wading and the depth dropped off rapidly.
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