Accidents while hunting

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Have you ever had an accident while hunting?

No, not yet anyway
No, I'm above having any sort of accident
Yes, but it was definately a learning experience
Yes, but who doesn't? it'll probably happen again
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Accidents while hunting

Postby pbrdog » Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:22 pm

Ok, since this Dick Cheney incident, I've heard everything from "accidents will happen" to "capital punishment". Have any of you ever had an accident or near miss while hunting? Share your story. Be honest and civil about it.
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Postby orhunter » Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:52 pm

No accidents yet but a few near misses.

Shot a bull elk one time and was topping off the magazine before going down to check out the shot. The fellow I was hunting with, stepped in front of me just as I put the bolt down and the gun went off. Bullet went right past his head. Had a fir needle or something caught in the sear. When I was down where the bull went down, it jumped up and I put three more shots through the lungs at ranges from 20 to 30 yds. and walked up behind him to wait till he fell over. I was about 15 ft. behind the bull who was standing there with his head down and blood pouring out of his nose and off his chest. This same fellow opened up from up above where I'd originally shot the bull. Hit him in the guts with the first shot and kept shooting. I yelled for him to stop shooting but he wouldn't listen. The bull started moving down hill so I broke his neck so I wouldn't have to pack him back up the hill. The guy took another shot with the dead bull laying on the ground and me standing right behind it. First rule. Never step in front of a gun as you never know when they will malfunction. Second rule. Never hunt with an idiot because ya never know when they will shoot you.

Had an old bolt action .410 bore shotgun when we were kids. The thing would go off sometimes when ya put the bolt down. My brother shot a hole in the ground about six inches in front of my dad's foot. First rule. Never own an unsafe gun. Get rid of them. Second rule. Make sure your kids always follow safety rules.

Same .410. Was eating lunch at my grandparents house out on the farm. Had the guns in the wash room just off the kitchen at the back door. Neighborhood kid got into the washroom and picked up the notorious .410 and loaded it. I'd heard some noise in the washroom and opened the door to investigate just as the kid put the bolt down. Barrel was pointed right at my guts about two feet away. Gun didn't go off this time.

Had an older Ruger single six .357 mag. The kind of gun that if dropped on the hammer, it'll go off. Was fishing for carp and whatever in the Tualatin R. just outside of Forest Grove OR. Had the gun stuck in the back of my pants. Was playing a fish and jumped up on a large culvert that ran into the river from the local water treatment plant nearby. Gun fell out and landed on the hammer. Don't have a clue where the bullet went.
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Postby tam » Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:50 pm

When I was about 12, I went on my first-ever duck hunt with my twin brother. We had just got to our "spot," which was a dry ditch next to a larger ditch with lazy water in it. My brother had just got down into the ditch, in front and below me, when a bunch of ducks unexpectedly flushed right up in front of us. (Apparently they were hidden in the big ditch by an undercut in the bank.)

He shot and missed, then shot again and hit one. I shot right after his second shot, and missed. He ducked and then yelled at me. Just as I was shooting, he was standing up to see where his duck was falling. I was excited and focused on the ducks (which luckily were rising, not landing), and I shot right over his head. Thank God the only harm was that he really got his ears rung. I was very embarrassed and ashamed of what I'd done (or almost did), and I didn't duck hunt again for a couple years because of it.
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Postby markj » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:29 pm

I was out hunting with my cousin, we were walking side by side with 50 ft between us, a dog working. A rooster got up and flew to my right, I swept on him, passed over my cousin, shot the rooster after he passed by. Ron looked at me and I said I wasnt going to shoot until I was in the "safe" zone. Always know where the other guy is or an accident will happen.

Many years ago, my dad and uncle were argueing over how far 6 shot was effective. My uncle said 50 yards it will kill a guy, dad said 80 yards, so uncle went out 50 yards and turned around so his back was the target, dad shot him :) yep, it didnt penetrate the skin but sure ruined a good hunting coat :) Booze and guns just do not mix. I never drink and load up, it was common in the 60s tho.
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Accidents while hunting

Postby Steve Anker » Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:54 am

The Vice President started some firestorm,


'been upland guiding for over a decade, been shot three times-
IT HURT EVERY TIME, thank the good Lord for FILSON Tin Cloth apparel,
saved me from a worse fate each time.

We have successfully hunted very large whitetail in Maine over the years, after a few long blood trails with .30 cal rifles I switched to a 45-70 in a Ruger single shot.
Nice light rifle in a carbine sized package but it goes off like field artillery when discharged. Once while the weapon was slung, loaded, safety on, going through the brush a vine swiped the receiver undoing the tang safety and somehow actuating the trigger.
The weapon went off (pointed up, slung) just inches from my ear. To this day the hearing in that ear is effected.

be careful out there,
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Postby Flyingm » Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:27 pm

I mentioned that I almost shot a hunting companion years ago on a quail hunt. So, that doesn't count. Technically that wasn't an accident.

I wonder if this counts:When I was about 10 I was deer hunting and I was sneaking along a draw and saw a turkey. I took the gun off safety and the gun fired. The firearm was pointed downward and the round went into the ground. I told my Dad that the gun went off because I took the safety off. My Dad trusted me and believed me but he tried the same thing with my rifle (but with no round in the chamber) and the gun clicked. He fixed the problem after we got home. I hunted the rest of the weekend with the gun off saftey. I still have that rifle.
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Postby Sharpshot Kennels » Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:02 pm

Just remember accidents don't just happen they are caused.
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Postby RedDogRunner » Tue Jul 04, 2006 11:05 pm

:( are you singling out accidents as being of firearms only?
Or the myriad of accidents that could occur? Such as falling down and hurting oneself?
How about getting lost, may that be an accident?
How about your dog, hurting itself, may that be by accident?

If you're talking firearms accidents, those of us that do lots of shotgunning in the uplands and blinds, accidents can easily occur, and quite frequently and fortunately aren't fatal as in rifle/pistol accidents.

sure folks may have many pellets sunk into them by errant shots, and sure, there's more serious accidents occurring with shotguns.
But, the rifle/pistol accidents quite frequently prove fatal!

Postby Joe C. » Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:14 am

Above your shoulders isn't the only rule! It looks like everyone was done with this thread a while ago, but I can't resist adding this, as may be it will help save an injury or worse in the future.

I was duck hunting one year, when a flock of fast moving Teal bore down on my location. I picked an individual from the flock, and missed on the first shot. The flock flared, but I was still focused on this one individual. He went high. I rared back and fired, (without thinking), almost straight up! I missed on this shot also, and then suddenly it hit me... "What goes up, must come down!". I crouched down in a ball and covered all vital areas I could, just as the pellets began to rain down all around me :shock: Luckily I wasn't hit, but felt like a real dumbass :? I'll never try that stunt again. It goes to show that you can't get overly caught up in the excitement, SAFETY FIRST :!: :!: :!:
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