Woodcock Season

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Re: Woodcock Season

Postby mtlhdr » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:26 am

flitecontrol wrote:I'm technologically challenged so this may sound ignorant, but the unit is less than a month old. Shouldn't the software be up to date, and how do you update it if needed?

I think it depends on when the unit was manufactured vs when they update the software. You basically need to download the Garmin Express software and then plug in your handheld unit and follow the instructions. This is a pretty good tutorial.
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Re: Woodcock Season

Postby bhennessy » Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:59 pm

Two more days of woodcock season left here in Louisiana, which is sad because they are basically the only game left down here with such low quail numbers. I finally got my dogs (and myself) out with a work colleague who owns an English Setter who is very experienced with woodcock. I wish I had met him a couple years ago as it would have saved us a lot of miles! My two Griffs and I got a great lesson in woodcock habitat and we got to watch his amazing dog work.

He was basically a white blur, when you could get a glimpse of him through the very heavy young forest cover that the birds prefer down here. He was steady for the most part , which was nice as often we only had the beeper to go on from 100 yds away. He missed nothing it seemed, which was fine because after a few points, my dogs got smart and would come up behind, scent the bird(s) and hold nice points generally. The birds held really tight if we were the first to come across them but there were two groups with tons of beagles hunting rabbits, and we think if they had been through an area and flushed the birds before us then they wouldn't wait around a second time for our pups to get on point.

I was happy that my pups each had a couple points of their own and got woodcock feathers in their mouths finally. I hope to get out once more and let them build on the lesson.
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