Remembering when...

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Remembering when...

Postby york_rotch » Sat Jan 13, 2007 7:52 pm

I post this here because many of you may have seen his offspring . The odd duck GWP running in HRC tests. He was the sire of HRCH Chump Change's Prodigy "Caleb" MH. Caleb was one of only 3 GWPs to ever attain the title of HRCH. He also sired HR Chump Changes Nothin to Lose "Jiggs" NAVHDA UT 1, one of only 7 GWPs to be an HR. Max himself was a waterfowl retrieving machine and relished watching the sky for incoming waterfowl.

<b>Chump Change Max Oh Million
German wirehaired pointer
Oct. 22, 1992-Jan.13, 2007</b>

I remember the first bird he ever pointed, a woodcock. The first duck he ever retrieved, a drake wood duck.................and so many more....... and I remember the last bird he ever retrieved, a drake mallard on the North Dakota prairie.

There is an empty kennel in the back of my truck today, filled with memories. Today at the veterinarian's office we put my buddy down. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I had hoped he would pass in his sleep one night, dreaming of hunts long past. But it was not to be. I brought him home in December 1992, yet it seems like only yesterday he was a pup. How the time has past. He was my almost constant companion in the house, marshes, fields, and forests of Wisconsin, and the prairies and potholes of the Dakotas. We logged many hours afield and traveled endless miles on the road and on foot, in search of game. Together we bagged many birds and made many memories hunting as a team. I made many new friends. I rekindled old friendships because of hunting with him. My friends and I shot so many birds over him in his lifetime. He was tough as nails and fearless in the field, yet gentle as a lamb in the house. He taught me more about hunting, dog training, and finding birds, than I ever taught him. He was a bird finding machine.

Max became somewhat of a local celebrity. He was featured in many memorable articles written by the local newspaper's outdoors section editor. But through all the training days, tests, seminars, and hunts with friends, the times I was most proud of Max, there was no one there see him. It was just Max and I alone in the duck blind, or some secluded secret grouse covert we had found. Max, doing what he did best, finding, pointing, and retrieving birds. He amazed me so many times with his bird finding ability. He handled everything I could have hoped for in a dog, woodcock, late season ruffed grouse, running dakota rooster pheasants, cold November mallards, and big crippled canada geese, and he did it all well. He was truely a versatile gun dog. He was a joy to own, train, and hunt behind. If someone would ask after a day afield, a hunt test, or a training day, "Whose dog is that?" I was never ashamed to answer, "That is my dog."

Time has finally caught up to and stopped my old hunting dog...............when nothing else could.

<b>Wausau Daily Hearld
December 13, 1998
"A hunting dog for all seasons"
By Jim Lee

<b>With a mutton chop mustache and the lean musclar body of a football strong safety, Max does not prance through the forest, he rips through it. "I don't have any worries about someone stealing my dog," Carey says with a laugh. "He looks like a mutt." Actually Max looks more like the town tough, the unappreciated social outsider who is not about to back down from any challenge.....or from anybody's idea of what a grouse dog should look and act like.</b>

Thanks for the all years, the hunts, and the memories Max....long may you run.

<b>Breaking ice Nov. 20, 1997 Lake Wausau </b>

<b>Opening day at the Mead 2002</b>

<b>The First goose I ever shot, and Max ever retrieved 1994 </b>

<b>Thanksgiving morning Lake Wausau 1999</b>

<b>My hunting buddy Ron and Max long retired Oct. 2006</b>

<b>Max and I on his last North Dakota pheasant hunt 2002</b>
Chump Change's Two The Max
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Postby shawnsgriff » Sat Jan 13, 2007 8:33 pm

That brought tears to my eyes....just thinking about all the great times you must of had.

Your in our thoughts tonight.....
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Postby schultz's honor » Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:00 pm

My heart goes out to you.
I wish that I could provide something to help with your loss
Having lost a very special hunt'n buddy in August, I know exactly what you are going through.
The pain does go away, but the memories remain.
I am training a new pup that reminds me daily of the great friend that I lost this last fall. I take the new pup to the same fence rows and stuble fields that Schultz and I frequented and admire the similarities that my new pup has with my old friend.
I hope that you can find a new hunting friend, as I have, that will bring you years of memories in the field.
Only the Good Lord could create a creature so devoted as a hunting dog.
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Sorry to hear of Max's Passing

Postby MadMax » Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:48 am

Hey Dennis , sorry to hear about old Max, an incredible dog for sure.


I have one of his Gransons out of Jiggs
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Postby ME » Sun Jan 14, 2007 11:53 pm

Got home from work and read the e-mail from my brother.. I knew it was coming but thought I could handle it.. I can't see the screen through the tears.

That damn dog just plain loved to hunt and to do it for you.. I took him myself on a couple of occasions to SD and he never ceased to amaze me. I was so impressed with him that I moved to a new apt that would accept a dog just to get the first pup out of his first breeding.

He affected my life and it will never be the same because of him..

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Postby bill10979 » Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:30 pm

Sorry, its tough...

This for you, a great tribute.....
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