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Re: The Versatile Rhodesian Ridgeback

Postby Idaho Steve » Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:00 am

WAARHEID wrote:Christie said I should introduce myself.

OK, here goes. My personal site is here:

I am also the webmaster, and a judge for the HRA. A trial body that evaluates Rhodesians on hunting for every class of game (except waterfowl):

Look forward to being a part of the forum :D

I see lots of smoke about hunting, but only dogs in the show ring, not too impressive. Fine looking dogs though.
Idaho Steve

Postby SwitchGrassWPG » Sat Jul 07, 2007 8:18 am

It looks like Idaho Steve is refering to the link to the "Hall of Fame Ridgebacks" site. This does have a lot of pictures of dogs in the conformation ring.
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Postby TheClash » Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:53 pm

hello all, my name is dan and i live in southern alberta. i have been lurking on this site for awhile and i am happy i am able to post now. my wife and i are the proud owners of a bouncing 7 month old rhodesian ridgeback named banjo. he is an incredible dog that has captured our hearts.

i have a question for those "in the know" i have taken banjo out twice now to hunt partridge...he has loved it. i used to bird hunt a long time ago when i was a teenager...and i am interested in getting back into it...and the fact that with out any training banjo flushed two partridge for me (yup got them both) last night makes me think that he likes it too. just wondering if anyone out there has experience with RR's and upland bird hunting...and how they did? and also, is 7 months too old to start to properly train him? i have read on other sites not to push them too hard in their first this true??

and lastly, for those RR owners out there...what training guides did you use? i like the looks and price of the green book and video...but just wondering if there is a better resource out there for RR's.

thanks for the help everyone...happy to be here.

also if ya wanna see pics...i am not too sure how to add them on to
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