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Postby sevendogs » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:00 am

Calvinator, if you want to hunt coyotes, think of the Staghound. This is an American achievemnt. In western prairie states they breed and use them for more then 100 years. The Staghound emerged, because no other sighthound would fit well to hunt coyotes. Greyhounds are fast, but they overheat, Borozois also overheat in the summer, besides, both rbeeds sometimes hurt themselves hitting fences and stumps. Irish wolfhound is too slow. Saluki do not have enough guts to bite it. Scottish Deerhound may be better, but it is not fast enough. I have friends involved in coyote hunting with Staghounds. This is a very exciting kind of hunting. Currently, I have three Saluki, which I would like to try on coyote, but our environment is difficult, mountain forests, thorny shrubs and small fields.


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