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Postby ME » Sat Jan 24, 2004 5:57 am

One thing you can do to ease the anxiety when you leave the Wolfdog is give him something to do. I have a kong in which I place a pigs ear that have cut in to pieces that are slightly larger than the opening. The dog has to work to get them out. He will throw that thing around for hours until the pieces come out. He loves it... :lol: I give him this as I leave to go to work. Now the dog looks forward to me leaving cause he knows it's treat and toy time. If you do something like this then he will be distracted for a while and once he does stop playing with it he will just wait for you to return. Probably he will just sleep like he does when you aren't around. Being that far north how do you connect to the web.

And yes the grouse down here are much more spooky than up in Canada. I saw a show where the guy was hunting them with a bow. He would shoot and miss the bird would run 20 ft and he would go get his arrow and shoot at them again. I have seen dumb grouse down here also but maybe one in 50 is that dumb down here.
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Something to occupy your Malamute/ Wolf

Postby Joe C. » Wed May 09, 2007 11:10 am

I've heard of this new dog treat that is a plasctic ball that you fill with peanut butter and then freeze. They say it occupys the dog for hours. Don't know who makes it though, but you can probably find it online.
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