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The Deutsch Kurzhaar

Recognized by:
AKC - American Kennel Club (as the GSP),
ANKC - Australian National Kennel Council (as GSP),
CKC - Canadian Kennel Club (as GSP),
FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale (as GSP),
FDSB - American Field Dog Stud Book,
KC - The Kennel Club (UK) (as GSP),
NAVHDA - North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association,
United Kennel Club (as GSP).

Breed organizations:
DKV Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband E.V
North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club
Vereinigter CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub (VCDKK)

Web sites of interest:
German Pointer Web site (UK)

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