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Terry Germany

Dog training is probably the most enjoyable aspect of my outdoor passions. I began training professionally in 1977 and over the years was lucky enough to train over 4,000 dogs in basic obedience, companion dog, personal protection, tricks, competition-tracking, obedience & protection (T.O.P. dog), substance and explosive detection, and earn the master trainer certificate from the U. S., Germany, as well as the prestigious international master trainer award given by the F.C.I.

I retired in 1993 after winning a national championship and now devote my time to training my German Shorthair Pointers for fun and the love of upland bird hunting. I do not train for show any longer and as such field trials do not interest me.

Instead I concentrate on hunting birds like most of us love to do and making my dogs and my hunting experiences as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Terry Germany
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