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Ron Klimes

I have trained dogs all my life. I guess I started out training cow dogs as a kid but this turned into hunting with cow dogs. That was not working out so I started training hunting breeds.

Labs were my first hunting dogs, but many pointers were also involved in my early hunting. After a short break I started up with English Springer Spaniels. I started training them for hunting, but in the last three years I have been involved in the AKC hunt tests for spaniels. I also teach a class once a year on upland training for flushing breeds through the local school.

I have titled my male Buzz as a JH, and a SH. He is currently the only dog in Idaho running in the Master. My female Ann has her JH, and is now starting her SH. I have also helped a friend to title a MH and another to title a JH.

I am fortunate to live in Idaho. We have nine upland birds that live on public land. I have hunted eight of the nine. They include Blue grouse, Ruffed grouse, Spruce grouse, Sage Grouse and Sharptail. Also we have Hun's, Chukar, Pheasant, and Valley Quail. The only one I have never killed during a hunt is a Spruce Grouse. Also I do a large amount of waterfowling. I normaly get around 150 birds per year.

I believe that Springers are truly a versatile breed.

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