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No reaction to Force Fetching

My 8 month old Golden is at the stage of being force fetched by a trainer. They have been working on force fetching for 3 weeks. The trainer says he is a tough little dog because he does not yelp when his ear is pinched. He tries to bite trainer's hand. After the session is done, he holds no ill-will towards the trainer whatsoever. How long can some dogs take in force fetching and when should an alternative method be used. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Three weeks is not at all unusual for the force especially with a hard case. I once trained a six month old female chocolate lab that took over ten weeks to finish on the FF.

A lot of how long it takes depends on the trainer and the techniques that he uses. It sounds like your pro knows what he is working with. Stick with it and take your time. It is far better to take whatever time it takes to do the job right.

Please feel free to e-mail me personally if you have further questions.

Bill Corcoran
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