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Misbehaves off the checkcord

I have a Weim, and she will follow every command when on the check cord, but when off of the cord she will not come,heal,stay....etc. What can I do to break this?


Many smart dogs play this game....testing the limits to see what they can get away with and when. My shorthair did the same.

As I see it, you have two options, the "modern" and the "old fashioned". The modern response is to get an electric collar or take the dog to a pro with one. This is an ideal situation for the collar - the dog is trained and knows what's right, so you can correct. The collar is used as a *really* long checkcord. Very effective in the right hands.

The old fashioned approach, which is what I did, is to simply run the dog down a time or two. Drill her on lead and when she's listening well, let her off. Give a command once, and praise if she obeys. If she blows you off, don't say another thing, but get after her. Sprint to her and scruff her. Put the cord on and do a few more drills. Let her off and try again. Most dogs catch on quickly.

Good luck,
Jack Lowe

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