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Inconsistant ranges

I have a 10 month old Brittany. What is the appropriate range he should be ahead of me while grouse hunting? Often his is within 25-35 yrds. Other times he runs off to 60-70-yrds. Is it ok to put on an e-trainer and bump him with it when he goes beyond the appropriate range?

Hey Britt guy,

Don't go getting trigger happy with the e-collar, that's a dangerous tool, and has been the ruin of many a good gundog. What I would rather see you do is to incorporate into your training regimen this routine:

Get a bag of pigeons or quail for your next training session. Carry the birds with you as you move through the field, as the dog ranges out beyond your liking, (range is a personal preference) let a bird go, but make sure the dog sees the bird in flight BEHIND him, between you and the outbound dog, eventually the dog will get with the program and realize that the birds are around YOU! He will get the hint soon, when he does, we would shoot one of the flyers, (provided he stopped to flush) for a reward (and retrieve) for being IN RANGE and steady. The E-collar, in my world, is for corrections related to refused or ignored commands. If you are whistlin' for the dog to stay in range and he keeps pressing outward, ignoring you then MAYBE I would touch him with some stimuli, but you must know the difference between enthusiasm, and outright disobedience. Be careful! Range, for a hunting dog, should be the distance needed to get a good clean shot on an away bird. In that general area, or more is OKAY if you have a tender footed, rock steady dog.

My good friend Cathy ( She's a heck of a dog trainer in her own right) went out and bought an E-collar for use on her three GSPs, the only time she has used it was once at a house party, on the GUESTS, after a few too many adult beverages I might add!! :) Like I said, a dangerous tool!! =)

Have fun out there!

Steve Anker
Anker Outfitters

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