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Steady to wing

How do you know when you are putting to much pressure on a young dog in training? What age is to young to start to steady on birds? I am worried about ruining the dogs stlye and cause flagging and lowering to the ground. My dog is 13 months and a english setter. Is it to much to ask a dog that age to be steady to flush?

Have you instilled within your setter the "basics", SOLIDLY? They are "here", "woah", "heel", etc. If you have all that down solid with your dog, then IT IS NOT TOO MUCH TO EXPECT HIM/HER TO BE STEADY TO FLUSH ! But I wouldn't fault your dog too much if he holds his point, at least until after you shoot. "Steady to Wing and Shot" sounds good to have as an attribute in any pointing dog; But I would rather have a dog that "marks his birds down after flush", and be ready to move on toward them. I call that "bird sense" and I prefer it over bragging rights that "my dog is steady to wing and shot and your's isn't." If he's finding birds, holding them until you shoot, let him mature some. He will probably do exactly what you expect when the time is right. Hope this helps.

Ted Wigglesworth
Houdini Llewellin Setters

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