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Hunting hares

I have heard about versatile dogs hunting fur. I enjoy hunting hares and rabbits. Although I hunt grouse and ducks occassionally and pluarality of my hunting trips turn into hare hunts. Does anyone have any experience in using WPG's or GWP's for hares and rabbits. From what I have read, I think that I like the size and working pace of a WPG, and would probably make it my Number one choice if they can do the job on rabbits and hare. However, if they are too slow to hunt rabbits and hares, I would be open to buying a GWP. SPJ


You can train either breed to hunt fur. I have seen it done though I do not do it myself. I have friends who use either a WPG or a GWP to hunt fur, mainly rabbits. I also had a biddy who ran a GWP to hunt fur when he lost a trap on his trap-line. The dog would track the animal to help find the lost trap. I also know of several people who have used their dog to track wounded deer with great success. Remember back in history that is what these breeds where bred to do. It was to hunt boar and retrieve that boar.

Also try to find someone who runs in either VDD testing or tests in Germany. They may be able to help answer any other questions. In some VDD tests I know they use fur and the German tests they have blood tracking, fur drags and similar tests that you could relate to either breed to hunt hare. Again that is why these breeds are called a "Versatile" breed.


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