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Roaming too far

I got sort of a toughie here. My three-year-old Irish Setter tend to roam a little far during the first hour or two we hunt. That is until, he works of his nervous energy. I have used the checkcord, but this dog is smart enough to figure out the difference between training and hunting (e.g., can't use a 25-yard check cord in brush). The only technique, I have used w/some success is to hunt in very thick cover until he calms down....Help!!!!!!, Bwana.

Dear Bwana:

Try restricting his space. Don't allow him any freedom ANYWHERE unless you want him to have it. Does he know "rock solid" what HERE means? If not, go back to square one and teach him that HERE means to come, and right now, now when he gets ready. As long as he has "his head" (that is to do as he pleases) he'll probably continue to drive you out of yours.

Hope this is helpful.
Try it; It will work, but it will take work to accomplish it.

Ted Wigglesworth
Houdini Llewellins

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