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Are heartworms a problem in the desert?

Is heartworm a problem in all areas? I live in the desert where there are very few mosquitoes. Do I really need to give my dog a monthly treatment?

Jeff, good question, I face the same thing here in Albuquerque. I will say that heartworm is a growing concern and with today's mobile society it's liable to get worse. Certainly there are areas where heartworm risk is less than other places but hunting dogs can easily get exposed to mosquitos at ponds, rivers, swampy areas around stock tanks etc. My last heartworm positive dog was from a house bordering a golf course which are watered heavily and I know they have in Phoenix (I still think golf courses are a waste of good pasture but that's another story). Let me ask you this, could you replace your dog for the cost of a years heartworm medication?

Dr. Mike

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