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Tell me about the anti-parasite "Revolution" Dr. Mike What do you think about the new parisiticide coming out called "Revolution" ? It seems to cover a wide range of things that most people with dogs do preventative for. I would be most interested in knowing if you think this is a better way to take care of these issues than the now practiced ala-carte approach which uses several different products. By the way the product is supposed to be safe for dogs as young as six weeks. Would you be a little worried about giving something that is this wide ranging and obviously potent to pups that young? I ask that because it does seem to me that the product if really safe would be very good for pups with a genetic predisposition for mange mites. Especially those that might be contracted from the mother. Thanks for the chance to "Ask The Vet." André

Thanks for the question Andre, I haven't used any revolution yet but I'll pass along some info printed in Pfizer's brochure about the drug. They claim (and I quote): It is a once-a-month spot-on product. 100% Effective in preventing heartworm disease in cats and dogs 98% Effective in killing fleas on both cats and dogs. 100% Effective in treating and controlling ear mites in both cats and dogs after just one dose (a second monthly dose may be required in some dogs). 93% Effective in treating and controlling canine sarcoptic mites after one dose, with 100% efficacy after 2 doses. 100% effective in treating roundworm infections in cats 99% Effective in treating natural hookworm infections in cats Prevents and controls flea infestations and improves the clinical signs associated with flea infestations, including flea allergy dermatitis. Controls American dog tick infestations in dogs. In heavy infestations, a second dose may be administered 2 weeks after the first dose followed by monthly dosing. Bathing the pet 2 hours after application doesn't affect efficacy Revolution was proven safe when given 10 times its recommended dose to puppies and kittens, and 5 times its recommended dose when administered to collies sensitive to Ivermectins. It does not have a label for the type of mites you're thinking about (demodex) . As you can see it has great potential, I'll keep you updated....I wish they would come up with a spot-on product like this that would increase the i.q. of my Labrador!

Dr. Mike

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