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Training a ecollar-shy dog with an e-collar

I have a new electronic collar where the intensity levels are set on the transmitter. My old collar did not have this feature and I'm afraid I used a too high intensity with the old collar.The dog will heel well,when we stop,she sits and then lies down and tries to get as close to me as possible. We have been doing lining drills and with out the collar on[just a choke chain and 15 ft. lead],she does much better than drilling with the collar on. She really is collar shy! How can I continue to train with the collar or should I just forget it and muddle through the best I can? Thanks for any help ytou can give me. Neil

What you want when you are collar conditioning a dog is to use as low a setting as you can along with using a lot of priaise. Is your new collar the same brand as the old one. Does it have a tone on it that you can use as a good dog button? If it has a tone you can use it for praise when the dog get to the mark , sits, etc. After a while the dog will forget that the collar is a negative thing and respond without being afraid.. If your new collar is the same brand be sure to start using it on the very lowest setting and use praise. I would start by heeling the dog on lead and re-enforcing sit with the collar and use lots of praise. It may be that when you used your first collar your timing was off. You want to be sure command and nick are at the same exact time. If it is off at all it can cause the problems you are having.
Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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