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Dog won't walk on leash

I have a 6 month old german wirehair that does not like to have a leash put on him when you put it on him he will just sit and not move , so I will kneel down and call him to come to me but he just sits there, when you take it off he is fine. Would like to know what to do?

Your problem with your dog not liking the leash is very common. wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we could all do waht we likes. just not the case in real life. get yourself a prong training collar. be sure to remove the extra links so it fits snouggly right behind his ears. the dog is attached to you by the leash and he will follow you when you walk, for no other reason than, he wants to be mnear his head and his head is going with you. your pace should be as it would be if you saw a $50 bill on the ground and you wanted to get to it before some one else did. do not look at the dog, do not wait for him, just go. every 25-50 feet, pull the dog up next to you in the sit position and pet him. then go again. the worst dog i ever did held out for 3 days. i doubt yours will come close to this. you will not hurt him and if he doesn't like it he will have to learn to do something about it like walk with you. he has 4 legs and you have 2. he will just have to learn to use them. YOU WILL WIN THIS ARGUEMENT, GUARANTEED!

if the dog screams, he is doing this in an attempt to make you quit. don't let it work, and if it bothers the neighbors go to a open place in the country where you 2 can work without disturbing anyone. i doubt he will do this as these dogs are very tough but ignore it if he does.

if this bothers you you may want to forget about a gsp as they can be stubborn but not as stubborn as a human. don't loose you temper and be secure that you will win.

if this dog won't walk with you, you will never get him to hunt with you. if you need more help feel free to ask!

Terry Germany
JC&T Shooting Sports

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