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Should I keep my spaniel outdoors?

We got a new Spaniel puppy last month. She is now about 10 weeks old. She has been indoors do to the cold weather here. We keep her in the basement at night and while we are at work. We want to move her outside, since she is going to be a hunting dog. The vet told us we could let her stay out once it stays at least 50 degrees. We are building her doghouse now, and are going to build a kennel for her in the backyard. We are just not sure on the best way to break her into staying out there. Should we put her on a chain outside the backdoor where she can see is us, so she knows we're nearby? Should we leave her out there a little longer each day, or should we just put her out there and leave her there? She cries now when we put her out by herself. Should we wait until the kennel is finished and break her into that instead of starting with the chain? Should we keep her in the garage at first to get her used to being away from us, but where we can hear her? Is she too young to be trying this? Lots of questions!! We just want to make this transition as easy as possible for all of us. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have read this letter a few times and the one thing that bothers me is the chain. I really don't like chains at all. Please don't do that to the pup. There will be times when a dog must be alone. This will be a fact, and no way to change it. At 10 weeks this is pretty young to push them into a single life. I like to spoil them rotten during this bonding stage. But you can put it out side on sunny days even though the temp is colder than 50 just don't overdue it. On sunny days the pup will like the time to play in the sun and romp and it is good for them. You can extend this time as it gets older as you see fit. I would use the garage when you can't have the pup in the house. I would also use a pet crate inside and out. Make sure the pup learns that the crate is a good thing. A pet left alone can be a little monster when they are bored so give it good toys. Start the sit command NOW use HUP this is a sit and stay command. It should also be retrieving now and should come to it's name. Make as much time for this pup as you can the first year and you will have a better shot at having the dog you have always wanted. If you need any help in training let us know. Ron

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