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Training while laid up

My name is Matt and me and my dog, Garth, need your help. My dog will be 6 months old in about a week. I started to teach him some basic things right away, and he did good. A month ago I tore my Achilles tendon and will be on crutches for about2 more months (fully healed in about 5 months). I am unable to be with him and train him in the way I think he should be. Now he has become spoiled and rarely listens to me at all. All I can do with him is throw his toys around for him to retrieve and pet him when he actually come to me.

I would think that the next 6 months or so are the most important in his training. What can I do to properly train him in my condition? Should I do my best for now and restart his training when I'm healed? Will this be too late (he will be around 9 months to a year by then)?

Matt...Hi! I sure wish you a speedy recovery :)

As far as the training is concerned...there is a lot you can do during the time you are laid up. For instance, you can reinforce the come command. Have some treats that are used as the "reward", from your bed or couch call your dog and say come. When he does, give him the reward. If you are just starting this command, then place him a long lead and call him to you. You have the lead as a way of keeping him close to you, otherwise he is apt to wander off and it is easy to gain the control back.

You can always practice commands he knows and reinforce those really well before adding on to his knowledge. Also, IT IS NEVER TOO OLD FOR TRAINING! Especially at 9 months. What breed you have anyway? FETCH is good for working the COME and then have him Sit and add STAY. You can work on DOWN + DOWN STAY. OFF would be good too because you do not want him jumping up on your leg and causing pain. Also, do you live with anyone else? They can help out in the training as well. Keep a journal of the progress so you have a way of logging what work you have been doing together. Other than that, try not to get frustrated nor upset with him. This is just as stressful for him as it is for you. let him be a companion for you and a friend. He would love nothing more than to just be at your side :)

Marie Andes

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