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Do electronic fences interfere with hunting?

Thank you for all of the info provided on this web site. It has been very helpful. I have a 6 month old Vizsla and have been considering the different options for letting the dog run in the yard with the kids without him running off our property. One thing I'm considering is Innotek's contain and train electronic "invisible" fence system with the remote trainer. Will using this interfere with any of my training for hunting as I continue to progress? He is already doing a good job of heel, come, whoa, fetch and finding pheasants for me in undeveloped cover behind our house. While out hunting he also comes to the whistle if he is starting to range too far.

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The Innotek system is good and they should have directions on how to properly introduce the dog to an electronic collar. This should not have any adverse effects on your training under normal conditions. If your dog has not been exposed to an electronic collar it might be advisable to borrow one from someone you know that is experienced with using it and try it out on your dog while training, not using a high level unless it is needed. If he is totally spooked by it and shuts down, you may have a problem with using the invisible fence, then your only alternative is to build a real fence.

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