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The influence of other dogs

England calling!! I am the proud owner of a 9 wk old GSP...Murphy.
I recently lost my 15 month old GSP ,Hugo , to A road accident!He failed to respond to the stop whistle.Needless to say it devastated me. I am determined to get things perfect with my new dog. I would appreciate advice on a course/pattern of training to follow.Some kind of programme to work too as i am very much a novice trainer. My wife owns 2 Cairn terriers and i worry about their future influence on his training,as all 3 dogs are kept in the house.Although Murphy stays in the garage and the Cairns are very much house dogs. I would appreciate very much any advice etc you may be able to offer or a training programme you may be able to suggest taking into account my limited experiance and the potential distraction the Cairns may cause.


S. Patterson

Your dog is only 9 weeks old.Let him be a puppy. As long as you show him individual attention and make sure he doesn't bond with the other dogs, He can be with the other dogs. I suggest you find a good training book you like and read it. Seperate him from the cairns when you train and be consistant in the method you choose. Good Luck

Jan Burkholder
Stonewall Dogs
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