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Chasing Wild Animals

How do I stop my dog from chasing deer?

It realy doesn't matter the breed although many can get away from you before you know it because of their high speed in a field and when you get in the woods they can be gone before you know it. Of course I am expecting you to have VERY good obedience on any dog we are talking about. That would be HEEL, SIT, DOWN, STAY AND COME. This should be performed under any circumstance and any condition. OFF LEAD! YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST HERE! If this is not the case take the summer to freshen everything up and do not cut corners. You will only be causing yourself more heartaches and possibly an un-recoverable dog! DO NOT MOVE ON UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETE , AND I MEAN TO THE POINT THAT IF I COME TO YOUR HOUSE TO WATCH HIM PERFORM YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO SHOW OFF RATHER THAT MAKE EXCUSES!

Once this is done, spend several field and woods trips just training your dog without any idea of hunting. He, of course, will still think he is hunting but you and I will know better. Let him run free just like a regular hunting trip. Intermittantly call him back and have him down next to you. I usually take this opportunity to have a smoke but it is just to give you an idea of the amount of time for both of you to pause. Set him off again. You may even do a little heel and stay routine as a mix. This is to give him the idea that just because you are in the field does not give him license to do as he pleases. He will begin to understand that he works WITH YOU, not by himself.

Now I am going to add this tool but if you skip to it without the foundation talked about above, you are wasting your time. I recommend an e-collar with a 1 mile range. DON'T USE IT IF IT IS NOT NEEDED! YOUR OBED SHOULD BE ALL YOU NEED. He may have to be reminded in a moment of temptation, just as we all do. If he is too wild you have not done the obed as well as you should. Go back to basics.

Too many attempt to skip steps and then want to know how to cure the problem. The biggest problem trainers are asked to fix is because dogs are taken off leash too quickly. I will never give you a problem about too much lead or long line. I WILL get on you for jumping the gun and causing your dog to be hurt or or worse. He depends on you to keep him safe. You expect him to do his job. He should expect you to do your's. DO NOT LET THE PROBLEM GET STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Dogs are like children. They will make mistakes until they are 5-6, even if they are trained well. Always be prepared and don't get caught off guard. With in the first 6 months my dogs know that I will NOT TOLERATE MISBEHAVIOR, and by that time a scolding tone in my voice hurts them.

WHEN A DOG DOES WRONG, CORRECT HIM. WHEN A DOG DOES RIGHT PRAISE HIM! the 2 should be balanced and the best trainers do far more praising than correcting.

I cannot emphasize this too much. Practice doesn't make perfect. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Terry Germany
JC&T Shooting Sports

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