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Jon Oyler

Jon, Ben and Kim Oyler are owners of Crosscreek Kennels in Whiteford, Maryland specializing in the breeding and training of top quality field bred English Springer Spaniels and English Setters. Our kennels are located on thirty acres about thirty miles north of Baltimore where we actively hunt upland game and waterfowl with our canine family members. Crosscreek has a 7 acre training area nestled in a grove of 40-50 foot deciduous trees which provides a natural barrier that holds birds. Our Springers descend primarily from Saighton stock and display all of the characteristics (birdiness, speed, nose, biddability, marking ability and love for retrieving) that are true of this line. Through linebreeding and planned outcrosses, Crosscreek endeavors to maintain these qualities in all offspring.

Jon has been training Springers for about 20 years for both trialing and hunting, and Ben, his 15 year old son has joined him in both trainng and hunting. English Setters are relatively new to Crosscreek. After having trained and hunted over Setters, GSP's and Brittanies for a few years, Crosscreek has aquired two English Setter bitches out of Destinare/Bozeann's Mosely lines who show a lot of talent. They are athletic, biddable, have great noses and have great natural pointing/backing abilities. All of our dogs have great temperaments characteristic of their respective breeds making them fantastic family members.

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