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Grover Swick

I have been training dogs personally for more than 8 years, and just started with a Pointing Breed (GSP's) in the last 3. In addition, I have taught high school, am now teaching 5th grade, and am also a snowboard instructor on weekends during the winter. I find that there is often a lot of carryover from teaching people and training dogs (vice versa as well!), as far as analyzing developmental stages, learning progressions, etc. I feel that these parts of my life, while keeping me extremely busy, tend to enhance and enrich my abilities and acheivements as a trainer/handler.

My father and grandfather owned/hunted both Weimeraners and Labrador Retreivers and I grew up with the Labs as our family/hunting dogs. Due to the population growth in Southern California, waterfowl areas have become more and more scarce since those days. That factor, coupled with my relocation to the high desert (So. Cal. quail and chuckar hotspot), prompted me to look into a hunting breed which would point, have an agreeable personality, and go all day (in heat/cold/altitude/water/etc.). Thus began my owning/training/handling of German Shorthaired Pointers.

While I have an appreciation for all breeds of bird dogs, the German Shorthair's versatility is hard to beat. Von Swick GSP's consists of my developing line of dogs with the support and help of many friends, family, and colleagues. I am firmly commited to the improvement of the GSP and all bird dog breeds. I am actively involved in the training/handling of dogs for AKC hunt tests and field trials. My hope is to over time, continually contribute to and improve the quality of our bird dogs. If you would like more information on Von Swick GSP's or GSP's in general, feel free to visit my website, THE GUNDOG ZONE. I am always happy to steer you in the direction of quality pups, trainers, and general information on GSP's, hunt tests, field trials, clubs, dog training, etc.

Grover Swick
Von Swick GSP's
Southern CA, USA

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