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Catching in-flight birds

I have a 2 year old male lab who is a very good upland game dog normally. Occasionally when the birds hang in the cover and he can not get them to fly he will grab the bird. What should I do? Keep him on a tether so he cannot do this or...? Can you recommend a training facility in Northern California where I could go and train with him. He is primarily a companion dog and I would not want to send him away to a trainer but would like to prevent him from acquiring bad habits. Thanks for any help you can give.

here's the answer.--- From the question you've asked and the time of year it is now, I'd say you are hunting planted birds on a pheasant farm. It's okay if your dog catches the birds. A labrador is a flushing dog and doesn't need to " hold point". He can get the bird anyway that works. Personally, I wouldn't want to hunt over a dog that didn't have enough desire to want to catch the birds. The training facility that I recommend is STONEWALL RETRIEVERS (209) 366-2816 . We offer individual lessons for those who want to train their own dog but need help. We are located in Acampo, CA between Lodi and Galt off highway 99. Just call to sent up an appointment to see our facility and our dogs.

Thank you----Jan Burkholder

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