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Starting pup on scents (pointer)

I have a 12 week old gsp and would like to know when to expect him to start pointing. I have had him in the field just to get the scent of fresh grouse to see what he would do.Obviously that young of a pup didnt do too much,although he did try to eat it. Also,when is the right time to start training on scent etc.? Thanks, Bill

Hello Bill,

12 weeks is a little baby but you can find out if he has the ability. use the "wing on a string trick". this is only to test the pup's ability and to help the pup undersatnd what to do when he sees a bird. only use it for 1-2 days and only a couple of times. NEVER let him catch it. if you see him point once, he has the ability. Even if he doesn't , don't worry.

After this introduction it is just a matter of time and training. I will tell you the secret of pointing now. Birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, and more birds. After this, get him into birds! :-) The more times he does it the better he will get. There is no time scedule. I have seen pups point the first time in the filed at 12 weeks and then not again for a year. I have seen some point for the first time at 4 years. The key is esposure and not getting in a hurry. When he does point you need to forget the bird and keep working on the dog until he does it with style and rock solid. This could take a long time or a short time depending on the dog and the amount of birds he gets to work on. I have no doubt you and he will do well. Take you time and go for quality rather than speed. It will pay off handsomely for both of you in the long run. Good luck.

Terry Germany
JC&T Shooting Sports

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