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Intro to Gunfire, Books on Flushing

I just adopted a 9wk old Spaniel/Retriever Mix puppy. When and how should the sound of gun fire be introduced to the puppy? I have heard that doing it too early or in the wrong way could damage a dogs ability or desire to hunt. Are there any good gun dog training books that you could suggest? Any feedback that you could provide would be most helpful.

First I would recommend a book called, Hup training flushing spaniels the american way, By James Spencer.

I believe that a pup that is properly socialized and around loud every day noises will do fine. I like to introduce a pup to a cap gun first then work up. I do it with a pigeon wing. I get the pup worked up real good then throw the wing and fire the cap gun behind me. I then go to live pigeons and starters pistols then go to small shotguns then work up. I start my pups on gun fire at about 10 weeks but I watch the pup and let them go at there own pace this is important. If you have a bold and aggressive retriever at 10 weeks go for it. But don't over do a good thing, a couple of times per week is enough tell he gets older. Don't over due the retrieving either. A couple of retrieves a day is enough at this age.

Give your pup a lot of attention and bond well with it. Keep it always in gun range all the time. Let me know if I can be of any more help. Ron

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