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Did antibiotics affect intestines?

My 3 year old gsp cut his back leg while hunting,I took him to our vet as the cut was contaminated with mud ect(pheasant hunting in a marsh).The dog developed an infection and was given intermuscle anti-biotics and put on clavamox. my question is as follows? The dog was always a little thin,he wieghed 48 pounds,on the day of the injury.after the anti-biotics he put on 9 pounds up to 57 pounds in 8 days.he has always been on purina-pro plan performance dog food,with food always available.He has keep the wieght on and has never looked better.This question is not real important but,did the anti-biotics take care of some other problem that I was not aware of or did it change his digestive process somehow.He has recieved yearly vet care all routine work including,heart worm,lymes,kennel cough,ect.I am just plain curious about this chain of events.

Here is another case that makes me happy I'm clear out here in cyber-vet space and not having to answer these questions trapped in an exam room! I can only speculate that the antibiotics cleared up some kind of subclinical infection in the dog, possibly a bacterial overgrowth in the stomach/intestine or perhaps a low grade dental infection. I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the long term. As usual it's always better to be lucky than good, glad to hear you gsp is doing well. Good luck with those wily roosters next year! Dr. Mike

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