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Dr. Mike,
What has been your experience with Dexamethasone? Broad, limited, good, bad? Also interested in observed side effects. thx - Bill

How about answering the first part of your question by saying "all of the above." Dexmethasone is a synthetic glucocorticoid with very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. I am going to keep this a bit more technical than most answers (on purpose), since this is a prescription-only drug and very harmful if used incorrectly. We use dexmethasone almost every day either as an anti-inflammatory, diagnosing adrenal gland problems like Addison's or cushings, as an adjunctive treatment for shock, therapy of insect bites/stings, treating get the idea. As far as side effects, short term you may see PU/PD (drinking and urinating excessively), polyphagia (eating excessively), dull haircoat, panting, increased liver enzymes, diarrhea,pancreatitis, muscle wasting (sorry you asked now arent'you?!) and the list goes on. On a side note it can cause late-term abortion in cattle and horses as well as founder/laminitis in horses. Used correctly and judiciously it is a life saving drug, used inappropriately it can be dangerous.

Dr. Mike

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