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Dave Jones

I started my love of Brittanys with my Dads pair of liver Brittanys a little over 30 years ago in Kansas. I knew then that Brittanys would remain a part of my life. I have hunted/trialed/hunt tested my Brittanys on Quail, Chukar, Huns, Sharptails, Pheasant and Woodcock.

I trained my first Brittany independently (an O/W named Molly) at age 12. Molly was just an ordinary hunting dog that taught me extraordinary things about hunting and training. At age 18, I entered the service (Navy). While in the service, I owned/trained Brittanys as my duty stations would permit (Wish I had taken my Britts to Italy!). I also owned a Vizsla though I no longer have the Vizsla.

I had the opportunity to apprentice with a well known and respected Professional Field Trial/Show gentleman, Mr. Lou Foehrkolb. He had a long, very successful career with GSP's. Lou taught me along with my Brittanys. I owe a lot of what I know to Lou. Lou taught me that repetitive conditioning and looking at life through the dogs perspective makes training a lot easier. Lou also taught me patience and how to have fun with it all. I remember telling Lou one day "Lou, all I want this dog to do is be steady to wing and shot and retrieve to hand", Lou smiled real big and said "Dave, that's all anybody wants!" I later learned _exactly_ what he meant

Since retiring from the Navy, I've returned home to Texas and train/raise Brittanys full time among a few other things.

My Brittany website in was created 1997 based on the fact that it was too hard to find basic information about Brittanys/Gundog training, recipes, etc. The training tips page lists actual techniques for training and we are more than happy to answer questions (free of course) that anyone may have.

Our address can be found on most search engines using the key word "Brittanys". Look for a listing of "Chief's Brittanys" or "Brittanys, for the family and the hunter."

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