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Ear flap full of fluid

Hi Doc! my 11 yr. old goldens right ear flap is full of liquid hes been to a vet here in germany with my wifes mother i wasnt w/them but she said it was better to leave it! than to lance it and drain it but she also says that i should never wash him either! what do you think about the ear? an the washing part? thank you for your help! pete

One thing I know for sure is that your English is better than my German. Sounds like your dog has an auricular hematoma, this means that for a variety of reasons the dog has bled between the catilage layers of the ear. In my practice we usually do a surgical procedure that drains the blood and prevents a reoccurrence some people will drain the ear with an indwelling tube like a "teat tube" and that can be effective. Yes, a few get better by themselves. I think they bother the dog and in moist cases should be fixed surgically. Auf Wiedersein.......Tierarzt Mike

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