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Bill Corcoran

My name is Bill Corcoran and I run a small outfit called Highlander Retrievers in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Most of my time goes to training dogs for hunt tests and for hunting.

My dog training experience goes back over a decade when I started training personal protection and police service dogs. I ran a police service dog program for several years in the police department where I work. I have also trained dogs for search and rescue, disaster search, cadaver detection and arson detection.

When I got out of working police K-9, I started training hunting retrievers for hunt tests and then began working with the versatile pointers.

I spend close to 90 days afield during the season, hunting upland birds in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, as well as desert quail, Blue Grouse, and waterfowl in New Mexico and Colorado.

I am currently working on putting a series of hunting dog training videos and books together as well as a bigger web site. The video series is nearing completion and you can visit my site at My E-mail is at, and my phone number is 505 672 0240.

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