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Small Munsterlander Characteristics and Breed Standard

Steve Harmeyer of Krystal Creek Kennels provided this Small Munsterlander Characteristics and Breed Standard information for those of you considering the breed.
The Small Munsterlander is an elegant strong dog with much self confidence. It is a versatile hunting dog which combines intelligence, desire, and devotion enabling him to quickly adapt to the varied terrain or quarry and his master's preference of hunting method.

As a hunting dog it is irreplaceable as a tireless companion and aide, and in the house it is the family's good tempered, but incorruptible watch dog.

Typical characteristics of the dog are diligent ingenuity during field work, solid pointing instinct, meticulous tracking ability, great endurance -- even under difficult climatic conditions. It has a great love for retrieving, and enthusiasm for water work, tenacity and tonguing on the track, and easy handling.

As one of the smallest of the gun dogs the Small Munsterlander is tough, strongly built, full of nobility, and an extremely versatile hunting dog.

The coat should be smooth and there should be feathering on the legs and the tail. The dog uses his tail as an instrument of expression, and this signaling ability is highly useful in its work. The hair on the ears should be slightly wavy and the ears show during running beautiful movements. Too much or too curly hair is a disadvantage during the hunt and is considered a fault.

Dogs: 20 1/2 to 22 inches. Bitches: 19 3/4 to 21 3/4 inches

Brown and white or roan. Tan colored spots (kiss marks) on the muzzle and above the eyes is no defect.

Well proportioned, lean, slightly arched, not too wide skull. Short stop. Short well closing eyelids with no visible haw. The nose brown -- light colored spots are undesirable.

Strong, straight and long tightly fitting lips.

Wide pointed high on the head, close hanging to the head. The ears should not reach much further than the lips. Short straight hair on the ears is a defect.

Narrow. The lids should close around the eyeballs. Brown eyes are preferred. Open, round eyes is a defect.

Sloped shoulders with good angulation. Straight fore- arms and elbows close to the body.

Medium length, slightly curved and strong.

Deep and well formed -- not barrel shaped.

Strong, short to medium long with a powerful wide loin.

Slightly tucked-up

Close and tight.

Close coat with even thickness (smooth coat) and slightly wavy. Woolly and too long a coat is a defect.

Front legs straight with feathers. Hind legs well angulated with feathers on the thighs.

Round, arched and closed. Too much hair is undesirable.

Medium length with long feathers, carried straight. The outer third of the tail may curve upward.

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