Duck search reboot and update.

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Duck search reboot and update.

Postby Meridiandave » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:44 pm

Ok, the duck search thread has gotten too cumbersome to follow. So I thought I would reboot based on where my current training is at.

So since this thread started I have essentially done five live duck searches.

I think I may have talked about the first one in the last thread. In short, the search was started with a duck release and then a command across water, this search went really well. Although we did not catch the duck, we did get a chase. We ended up throwing another duck to the dog for success after a long chase.

Second search day. We hobbled the duck and was trying to let the dog see the duck. She was able to get this duck no problem we also released her immediatly on the duck after it was no longer hobbled. Success.

I felt she developed some bad habits in the last search. She ran the bank more than I would like and did a few other things.

I decided to go back to a fetch across water. This went much better. We got a pretty good search. She used about three quarters of the pond. Her biggest problem is she smells the duck too early in the process and only expands to what she can smell. She ended up finding the duck. She got a hearty chase and capture and a good retrieve.

After the rest of the training two more duck searches were done by others. On the first the duck was hobbled and it was a sight search like Ryanr described. The other dog found the duck, but subsequently dropped it in the cattails. This ended up being a relatively short search and find.

Finally, another long search was done by a different dog on a different duck. Eventually the dog could not find the duck; so the dog was called in again. This one took her awhile and was a great search. She worked hard to find the duck. Finally she picked it up trying to sneak out of the tule's and the chase was on. The duck eluded her several times, but she eventually got the duck. It was a great search and chase.

Still a big fan of starting this process after successfull force to across water. To paraphrase Bob Farris from his book. The dog has to know swimming the pond is not optional and it must believe there is a duck on the other side.

The seeing the duck and having a hobbled duck has seemed to be too easy.

The releasing the duck works great, but my dog as figured it out that the bird is usually on the island. I think I will start next time upwind and not in the center something.
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