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Postby J D Patrick » Tue May 08, 2018 6:11 am

Ok, hopefully I don't switch jobs this fall and mess up my own planning,,,

I have a trip scheduled for mid September to run Aggie in the Armbruster (as long as we pass all pre-quals),,,and I figured since I am in Minnesota in mid Sept I am going bird hunting somewhere,,,

at first I though partridge (ok, ruffed grouse) in MN, WI (my old stomping grounds) or MI and talked myself out of it due to leaves still in place,,,

looked and said "Montana is only 11 hours from where I'll be" so once we get done with the hunt test, pass or fail, we are going to eastern Montana to explore, hunt, and learn

anyone want to ride along?!?
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Re: boondoggle

Postby huntinmo » Tue May 08, 2018 8:05 am

I have never been to Montana, but prairie grouse (sharptails & chickens) is one of my favorite hunts. I usually do not get farther west than the Dakotas or Kansas. Be prepared for warm (yea, hot) weather possible. I usually look for spots that have a pond nearby for the dogs, and some type of booties for the sand burs and cactus. Snake avoidance training is always a good idea also. September trips can be good because the birds are less wary and hold better for the young dogs, but a little later in the year it will be cooler and some of the crops will be out of the fields which will push the birds back to the prairie grass (sometimes). But I do not know how it will be in Montana. Best of luck with your test, Smitty's place is an excellent test location, and your hunt. I am sure that will be very enjoyable also. \:D/
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